About Metaalplus

The smart welding factory

Our relationships with our customers are rooted in longstanding and intensive collaboration, and the expertise of our employees plays a significant role in this. That is because we assess each and every enquiry from a highly critical background. Our maxim is always: ‘Leave well alone, but also leave room for smarter solutions’. And that is precisely the challenge that we take on with our customers. We give enquiries and assignments added value by proposing ingenious solutions that make production better, more effective and more cost-positive. Applying this working method, we have often solved problems before they could even arise – and that is exactly what Metaalplus is all about.

Setting the new trend

In our ever-changing world there is not only a growing need for customer-specific solutions, the demand for small-scale series and different specifications within a series is also bound to increase. Metaalplus has responded to this by gearing its organisation and production process to this trend. We are therefore capable of realising smart combinations for both manual and robotised welding.

Efficient and purposeful

Throughout the business process, from design to production, finishing and delivery, Metaalplus is always looking for faster, leaner and smarter methods. This is called ‘lean thinking’, i.e. the elimination of waste. Our learning organisation keeps on innovating, striving to be best in class in the field of lean product engineering, the building of prototypes, lean production (flexible and efficient) and lean deliveries (Just in Sequence).

Customer appreciation

The service provision of Metaalplus is aimed at relieving customers of worries. We achieve this by thinking along with the customer actively from the design stage right through to product delivery. This boils down to constant interaction whereby we dare one another to be innovative, to think ahead and to adjust whenever required. All our efforts are aimed at reducing overall costs and improving the product. This effective approach by Metaalplus contributes greatly to customer satisfaction. Needless to say, this is something that we cherish.

Satisfied co-workers

The lean philosophy demands a high degree of autonomy from our personnel. They bear the responsibility to initiate possibilities for process improvement themselves and are empowered and facilitated to work along these lines. This means we have created an ideal working climate for highly committed co-workers who are busy improving their working methods and themselves all the time. All of this leads to a high degree of satisfaction among co-workers.

New business relations

Metaalplus has been working hard in the last few months to extend their customer base, and with success.

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Benefits of working with Metaalplus

  • From engineering to a complete final product
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Outstanding delivery reliability (> 99.8%)
  • Active contribution to module design
  • Effective reduction of lead times
  • Attractive price/performance ratios

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