Working at Metaalplus

Sustainable deployability of co-workers

The current trend in metal processing is a shift from large series for a select number of customers towards small series (custom-made) for a much larger number of clients. This demands an entirely different work approach from our employees, so a few years ago, Metaalplus started a programme to support employees in their journey towards sustainable deployability. This was facilitated by a subsidy received from the European Social Fund.

Come and join us

Joining Metaalplus is a deliberate choice for a dynamic environment with well-proven working methods and a carefully considered production system. We are a learning organisation, and we expect our personnel to share this philosophy. We strive constantly to realise improvements in our production process and methods by thinking and acting together.

New business relations

Metaalplus has been working hard in the last few months to extend their customer base, and with success.

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Benefits of working with Metaalplus

  • From engineering to a complete final product
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Outstanding delivery reliability (> 99.8%)
  • Active contribution to module design
  • Effective reduction of lead times
  • Attractive price/performance ratios

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