Clear arrangements

We like to make clear arrangements with customers about the delivery of the right product at the right time and the agreed location.

The starting point of Metaalplus is quite simple – make clear arrangements with the customer about lead times and the delivery of products to the right place at the time agreed, direct to the assembly line if required, and always precisely in keeping with the customer’s requirements. The result of this is that the customer’s production process is not hindered by overly long lead times, and it is not necessary for the customer to maintain unnecessarily large stocks.

Deliveries are assessed and prepared together with the customer. The production method, planning and logistics of Metaalplus are all geared to our performing at the highest level as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) system supplier. We have ample experience of delivering components Just-In-Sequence (the right quality, in the right sequence and at the right moment). Our delivery reliability ratio is 99.8%.

Our maxim is: clarity above all


New business relations

Metaalplus has been working hard in the last few months to extend their customer base, and with success.

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Benefits of working with Metaalplus

  • From engineering to a complete final product
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Outstanding delivery reliability (> 99.8%)
  • Active contribution to module design
  • Effective reduction of lead times
  • Attractive price/performance ratios

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