Pre-processing of metal

The automated manufacturing of products ensures highly accurate measurements.

The employees in our Pre-processing department prepare components for the welding process. Most products are manufactured using automated methods. For that reason, we apply exceptionally precise measurements during the pre-processing stage. We focus in particular on the processing of special profiles, tubes and bar material. Metaalplus can perform the following for you:

  • automated and non-automated sawing, drilling and tapping
  • punching
  • robotic and non-robotic plasma cutting
  • mandrel bending and non-mandrel bending
  • CNC bending / rolling.

Automation requires accurate measurements

New business relations

Metaalplus has been working hard in the last few months to extend their customer base, and with success.

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Benefits of working with Metaalplus

  • From engineering to a complete final product
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Outstanding delivery reliability (> 99.8%)
  • Active contribution to module design
  • Effective reduction of lead times
  • Attractive price/performance ratios

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